You are at Kareena always supports her sister-in-law Kat

Kareena always supports her sister-in-law Kat

Gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif said that Kareena Kapoor has been always supportive and she has a lot of affection for her. Kareena and Katrina spotted together in many private occasions.

It is said that their professional competition converted into friendship when Ranbir and kat romantically linked with each other.

In Hindustan Times interview Katrina said, “Kareena has always been supportive. Actually, she has been openly supportive on many different occasions. And I have heard this from several people. It has always come back to me. And what people do behind your back rather than in front of you is more important. She has spoken well about me. So, obviously I have a lot of fondness for her. She has always been extremely kind.” Katrina’s upcoming movie ‘Bang Bang’ will release on October 2nd.

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