You are at Fate Time For I And BaahuBali Movies

Fate Time For I And BaahuBali Movies

180 Crores budgeted films – Boon or bane for star heroes?

180 Crores budgeted South Indian films are now set to hit the screens soon. On this occasion, Vikram spoke to the media and stated that he invested 3 years of his film career for “I”. He strained his body to maximum extent and he transformed his body into all possible ways for this venture.

The same is the case with Prabahas and Rana. They too changed their body to maximum extent for “Bahubali”. Apart from this, they even invested 2 years of their time for this flick. “Is it a boon or a bane for the star heroes?” turned out to be a point. For a star like Prabhas, he can easily earn 30 – 40 Crores as remuneration by doing 3 films in the last 2 years span. He doesn’t even need to stretch regarding his body.

For Vikram, the situation is the same. He can easily make more money living in the comfort zone. In this scenario, “Did these stars did a mistake by attempting these venture?” turned out to be a point. They have the confidence to take it till the end and the affect of these films on their popularity will be seen clearly soon after the films’ release.

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