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Shankarabharanam censored with U/A


One of the most awaited films from young hero Nikhil is "Shankarabaranam" and it has newcomer Uday Nandanavanam directing it. Most people believe that writer and producer of the film Kona Venkat has directed the whole movie under Uday's name.

Pushed from November 20th to December 4th release, "Shankarabaranam" went through Censor scissors today. The film was awarded U/A certificate with some minor cuts. Total runtime of the movie is 2 hours 26 minutes. Though the length is rather compared to other movies that scored hit these days, Kona Venkat is confident that the 'comedy' content in the film will click big time. Based on Hindi movie "Phas Gayare Obama", Shankarabaranam has Nikhil, Nandita, Anjali and others in the lead.

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