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Shankar 'I' Movie Facts

1. The film was budgeted at 185crores.
2. The shooting of the film took approximately 974 days
3. Amy was paid for 1 crore in this film
4. Stunt directors who worked in kungfu hustle, kill bill were worked for I stunts
5. Vikram gained 110kgs for MERSALAITEN song
6. Vikram removed his teeth for beast role at his own expense of around 1 lakh
7. Vikram did bodybuilding in 3 months, model in 2.5 months, hunchback back (lean) in 1.5 months
8. Indra kumar (one of the villain in I) is our late actor sivaji ganesan's son
9. Kamaraj (one of the villain in I‬ ) is 7 times Mr.India
10. For vikram , the protein supplements were imported from Europe 
11. Shankar appointed one 24*7 doctor, one physiotherapist, two dieticians and four bodyguards to take care of vikram's health during the film shooting
12. Vikram was infected by folliculitis (red spots on head) because of makeup for hunchback role
13. Vikram beast role makeup took nearly around 11 hours a day
14. Santhanam too reduced his bodyweight and maintained till the film shooting ends
15. The garden (red seabeach) in the climax was located in Egypt
16. Vikram had Arnold Schwarzenegger's adult hair style for lingesan character
17. Vikram goes to bald, so that makeup artists could easily work for hunchback role of him
18. The media rights for I film was purchased by Jaya tv for 20 crores
19. The film was released in five languages Tamil, Telugu, English, Hindi, Chinese nearly about 3000 screens worldwide
20. Seperate crew members were worked in abroad and separate crew members were worked in india ... so that the film story wont be leaked in any manner...

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