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Hansika: I'm still a child at heart

Nothing makes Hansika happier than spending time with her kids... adopted kids rather. The 23-year-old has adopted 23 underprivileged children so far and it just reflects her desire to do something good to the society. The actress though credits her family for her charitable instincts.

"Charity runs in my family. My grandmother and my mother have been doing their bit for the society for several years now and I'm just continuing the family tradition, I guess.Whenever I'm free, I try to spend time with the kids and I can't explain the kind of happiness it gives me. Honestly, you can't plan to support a cause. I guess it's a natural instinct which tells you to do something when you see people suffering. I'm just doing everything I can," says the actress who was in Hyderabad recently to lend her support to an event organised to raise funds for Hudhud cyclone victims.

Hansika was shooting for a Tamil film when she heard about the devastation caused by the Hudhud cyclone in coastal Andhra. "I really wanted to do something to help the victims. When my friend, Neeraja Kona spoke to me about a charity event to raise funds, I immediately said yes and took a short break from my work to be part of the event," she says.

All the years of working in the film industry hasn't affected her sensitivities. "I grew up in a household where everyone congregates for every festival and even today, my childhood friends come to pick me up at the airport whenever I go back to Mumbai. No matter how big a star I become, it's only limited to film industry. Once I go back home, I'm still the same 'Hansu' whom my family and friends have known over the years," Hansika confesses adding, "I'm still a child at heart and I've been lucky to have worked with some really nice people over the years."

It's been an impressive year for Hansika so far at the BO. After acting in Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda, she was last seen in Ravi Teja's Power and her recent Tamil film Aranmanai also did quite well. And she has a slew of big ticket films lined up in Tamil for the next few months. "I'm very content with my life and career right now. I barely spend four hours at home and there are days when I end up travelling to three states in a span of four days to shoot."

"I've always dreamt of living such a busy life and have no qualms about living out of my suitcase. My co-stars keep pulling my leg saying I've lost track of the number of films I'm doing (laughs). Having said that, every Friday still feels like a test for me and whenever I've my movie releasing, I wake up by 5.30 am and start going up and down the room wondering if people will like my work and the film. Most of the times, you know how a film will fare at the box-office while shooting it, but I don't think I'll ever get over the nervousness on the date of release," the actress says.

With as many as eight upcoming Tamil films lined up, it looks like Hansika has no time for Telugu films at all. However, she laughs it off saying, "I just want to be part of good films irrespective of the language and there's no question of preferring one industry over another. Besides, Telugu and Tamil cinema are like two eyes for me. I'm in talks with couple of filmmakers in Telugu. Hopefully, I'll sign something soon."

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