You are at Namrata wants Mahesh to get rid of bhajan gang!

Namrata wants Mahesh to get rid of bhajan gang!

After the debacle of Aagadu, superstar Mahesh Babu is being cautious about his upcoming projects. Earlier, many producers close to Mahesh Babu would just visit him without prior notice.

But after Aagadu’s release, the scenario has changed. The actor’s wife, Namrata, has stepped in and given strict instructions to the security not to allow anybody inside without prior notice.

“Recently, a producer close to Mahesh went to meet him with a director to narrate a story. After they left, Namrata asked the security guards how they had been allowed inside without informing them,” says a source close to the actor.

The actor had also asked the ‘bhajan gang’, who would just praise him, to stay away and a person who was always seen with Mahesh for the last few years is not seen around him these days.

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