You are at MJ’S 'Thriller' set for 3D release in 2015

MJ’S 'Thriller' set for 3D release in 2015

Michael Jackson, the pop star who rocked entire world has left the world but he was still alive in many hearts with his composes. Michael’s famous album Thriller is all set to release againMakers are planning to release it in 3D and it will be expected to see lights in 2015. The video's original director, John Landis, is helming the project now.Earlier there was a dispute about the video and seems things got settled now.

Landis asserted that lawsuit went on for so many years, but they settled and they paid him finally and therefore, there was something happening with 'Thriller.The budget for the 3D release is reportedly set at $500,000  that is more than 10 times the cost of the average video in 1983.

The revamped music video is expected to be out next year. There is even discussion of its running in theatres. Thriller is the sixth studio album by Michael Jackson. It was released on November 30, 1982. Of the album's nine tracks, four were written by Jackson.

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