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Jhansi endorses Bucket Nimajjan of Ganesha idols

Anchor turned activist Jhansi has been associated with a number of social awareness programmes. In fact, she hosted the award winning show, Naveena on a news channel, which highlighted several issues and also showed a glimpse of several extra-ordinary women who had been fighting against injustice done to them and the society around them. Although she has become very choosy about her work, the anchor hasn't forgotten her social responsibilities. During the recent Ganesh Utsav celebrations, Jhansi had endorsed the concept of 'Bucket Nimajjan', where she encouraged people to immerse small clay idols of Lord Ganesh in a bucket full of water, instead of immersing them in lakes and rivers.

Explaining her intention behind the initiative, Jhansi took to her official page saying, "As all the Big Ganesh idols proceed for immersion there would many small idols plunging into the lakes. Our small campaign BUCKET NIMAJJAN to save our lakes and give our ganapathi, a proper respect was received well. kudos to all those who've participated . don't go by the numbers , the impact we've created in little minds will last forever. hope to see some more bucket nimajjans coming up by tomorrow. (sic)." 

Meanwhile, the anchor is gearing up to attend multiple events in the US, where she's expected to interact with Telugu women in Dallas, Sunnyvale, California and New Jersey over the span of next two weeks.

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