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Sanjana Dream Home Cost 15 Crores!

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Actress Sanjjanaa has purchased a 4,000 sq ft flat in a plush apartment and its going to be her dream house in Bengaluru. Currently, The interior design is being done by Atlier & Ashima Dang.

Reportedly, Sanjjanna spent Rs 15 crore on this flat alone. She is happy to own a house of her choice near her Yoga and Fitness centre.

In 2014, Sanjjanna bought her dream car BMW 5 series. She will be living in her dream house from March this year.

Sanjjanaa made her film debut with 'Soggadu' in the year 2005. She has done films in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. She also represented 60 brands which include both local and national. Her next release in Telugu would be 'Avunu 2' directed by Ravibabu.

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