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Puri Jagannadh's Bumper Offer - Good News For Story Writers

Puri Jagannadh announced that he is willing to take stories from anyone, if their script is good enough.

This is first of a kind in Tollywood and a good opportunity for the aspiring writers.

Tollywood has gone into routine-template-mode scripts for some time now and the audiences are watching these kinds of films because of no choice.

Puri said "You have it !! And I m hungry for it !! Let's make a working platform together. Doors open for NEW SCRIPT WRITERS. Put YOUR BRAINS down in 1 page synopsis..Mail it to me If u excite us ,expect a cal asap !!".

This is a very good initiative by Puri Jagannadh to encourage new talent in Tollywood.

Many writers are saying that, instead of presenting their outrage about current films and scripts over social networking sites, interested people can come up with some exciting scripts and send it to Puri Jagannadh.

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