You are at Vishnu Manchu : Anukshanam gets a good opening

Vishnu Manchu : Anukshanam gets a good opening

The audience verdict is out and Vishnu Manchu and RGV are elated with the response to their out-of-the-box film Anukshanam at the box office. It is for the first time a film was auctioned and released in minimal number of theatres. 

The psycho thriller which opened in theatres worldwide today is garnering tremendous appreciation for its approach and performances of Vishnu Manchu as a Police Officer. "We went with our gut feeling as we were quite confident that the film will thrill the audiences," read a statement issued by the actor-director duo.

"I have been getting calls from audiences, friends, family, trade and industry appreciating my performance in the film. I feel nice as I have been able to shape a place in this genre too," says the actor producer Vishnu Manchu. 

With audiences giving thumbs up for the movie for its unique approach and storytelling, the demand for more screens both in single and multiplexes have doubled the screens immediately after the audience verdict was out today morning. Trade experts said, it is for the first time a Vishnu Manchu film opened in such low number of screens world over. 

RGV and Vishnu Manchu set a new trend in the industry by auctioning Anukshanam, a move many would have negated. The bidders are overjoyed lot too as it the film has got them admiration for having faith in the product and investing in the film distribution. 

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