You are at Leaked photo:Varu Sandesh's New lover!

Leaked photo:Varu Sandesh's New lover!

Affairs and passionate moments are very common in the film industry. Right now, the film nagar folks are gossiping strongly about a particular affair. They say it is making hot rounds in the circuit. This is about Varun Sandesh and heroine Poorna. Sources reveal that both seem to be the latest lovers on the block. The buzz is that both are spending 'private' moments in many instances and passions are reportedly running high. Some exclusive pictures have surfaced on the internet where the couple are seen bonding with each and taking selfies. They seems to enjoying the company together However, when asked about it, two of them are reportedly telling their close ones that they are just 'good friends' and nothing more. Well, guess we heard that a million times before. Point is, how long will the heat between the two last? That is the question from the cine folks.

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