You are at Reason for Pawan Absent in Memu Saitham?

Reason for Pawan Absent in Memu Saitham?

It's all done yesterday! The telethon program in Gemini TV on 30th November from 10am to 11pm the whole Tollywood Film Industry has come to one stage to raise  fund for the Hudhud victims. Every celeb did their bit including the most shy Superstar, Mahesh who was involved in a funny interview. 
The events started off with songs and next the Manchu family's Kabaddi matches thrilled the audience. Few dance performances, Baahubali team's comedy skit, Cricket match held in a totally different style, Antyakshari with the top most stars enthralled all. 
When there was such a great event going on, a powerful star was missing. Who is that? No doubt, it is Pawan Kalyan. But why? Well, when a star like Jr.NTR was having high fever had attended the great cause, what so critical happened to Pawan was a few analysts question! 

Well, this absence disappointed the fans who have pinned lot of hopes of meeting the Power Star. But still the audience wanted to know the reason and so someone revelaed that Pawan was suffering from high fever and so could not attend it. But few say it is to avoid the face off with Chiranjeevi. Let's wait what Pawan has got to tell his fans about this!

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