You are at Memu Saitham,Most Watched Programme

Memu Saitham,Most Watched Programme

Memu Saitham tops TRP ratings in south

Recently Telugu film industry got united for Memu Saitham event and it turned out to be a successful event. Most of the actors have entertained people who attended the live event and also television viewers as well.

Its known that the event was aired on Gemini TV and as per the reports Memu Saitam event has shattered small screen records. The event got highest TRP ratings in South India. Memu Saitam telecasted in Gemini TV has received an average TVR of 13.4 for 14 hours straight, thereby generating 375 GRPS.

 Yet, there were controversies surrounding Memu Saitam.Top actors and directors are not present at the Memu Saitam event as promised. As per reports there is no formal invitation has been given to current top leading directors.There have been criticism about few stars  not attending the event.Noted producer Tammareddy indirectly passed satires on some heroes.

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