You are at 'Pelli Choopulu' Beats Sunil's 'Jakkanna'!!

'Pelli Choopulu' Beats Sunil's 'Jakkanna'!!

Barely debutantes Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma starrer new-age romance Pelli Choopulu has out shined Sunil's Jakkanna. Thanks to the feel-good factor and youthful connection, Pelli Choopulu garnered good reception in multi-plex, urban moviegoers whereas the commercial stereotyped Jakkanna failed to impress the masses.Too many punch-lines that failed to generate rib-tickling fun and Sunil's too loud and over the top talking dialogues have irritated the audiences.

While the poor word-of-the-mouth, negative reviews dampened Jakkanna's fortunes at the Box Office, also the pre-release buzz, talk wasn't in favour of the film.

While, Pelli Choopulu has got good buzz even before the film has hit the screens, Jakkanna couldn't. Thanks to a spree of premieres screened for Pelli Choopulu to media and film fraternity ahead of the film's release, the strategy seems to have worked.But one thing that's puzzling trade circles is how the one-movie old Vijay's Pelli Choopulu got better openings than Sunil's Jakkanna?

Possibly this could be because of the trailers of both films. Audience these days are very smart and have clarity on what to watch and what not. Jakkanna's trailer looked very old, outdated and this resulted in poor openings for the film. Also, given that Sunil isn't in form and his previous two films poorly fared, it could also have had affect on the openings. On other hand, Pelli Choopulu's simple, interesting trailer added with the good pre-release buzz got good openings.

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