You are at ETV Prabakhar Film with Allu Sirish

ETV Prabakhar Film with Allu Sirish

Already it is in the know that Geetha Arts is gearing up to produce short-budgeted movies that will set the registers ringing for them. Among those movies, there will be a movie that will be directed by former ETV anchor and popular small screen actor Prabhakar.

He is taking the mantle of direction and Allu Arvind is allocating a lavish budget for him. According to a source from Geetha Arts, his movie will have 3 crores budget and might feature Allu Sirish in the lead. For rest of the cast, they are going to conduct talent hunt across various cities in AP and T. Seems like Prabhakar will rock in his avatar that is going to start soon.

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