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KCR Angry on Anushka Dialogue!


Rudrama Devi Team is gearing up for audio release in april. For this., Director Guna Sekhar planned to have two audio releases. One in Warangal and another in Visakha Patnam.also the movie unit is trying hard to get Telangana CM and AP CM for these programmes prestigiously. But here an interesting news is coming out.

Apparantly Telangana CM KCR hurt by the dialogue in the trailer " Oka Talli Paalu Taagina Vallanta Annadammulite., oke nadi neellu taage vallu akka chellellam, annadammulam kaalema?". He felt it is pointing out at AP, Telangana bonding and relations over water. KCR and TRS worked hard to make a point that AP deceived TG for years and took away TG's glory. Now guna sekhar coming from no where and making some controversial dialogues is not going well with the TRS chief it seems.

It has to be seen how far this will go. Also., whether the dialogue will be there in movie or not has to be decided.

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