You are at Riya Khan Seaully Assualted By Production Boy!

Riya Khan Seaully Assualted By Production Boy!

Production boy tried to rape heroine

It’s a known fact that film industry was not a safe place to the young woman and especially for the budding heroines.The recent incident once again proved this and a recent compliant filed by an upcoming starlet that she was faced sexual attack has become hot topic of the Bollywood these days.

As per the reports  upcoming bollywood lady Riya Khan who was on shooting sets faced terrible experience .Riya was allegedly sexually assaulted by a production boy during a shoot and the actress took it to the notice of production heads immediately.

Sources said the boy was chasing  the girl from few days and after a couple of failed attempts to court her, had tried to rape her. He allegedly tried to rape after 1 PM in the night when the shooting ended.

Riya took the issue to the movie producer and as soon as the complaint was received the boy was removed from his works.

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