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Item Song is nothing but woman with less cloths : Radhika


Actress Radhika Apte declares she willn't be part of anything which objectifies women and this include item numbers.

Ask her if she is ready for Item Songs, The 'Legend' Beauty shotback, "What is item number? Its just a song and dance sequence. If the sole aim is to make a woman wear less clothes, then I am not going to be part of it".

Radhika fights for equality in remuneration of male and female actors. "I feel bad when my male co-stars get paid much more than what I receive. I don't like this inequality. There should be a criteria on the basis of which we actors should be paid," she says.

Till date, Radhika Apte has been part of films in 7 languages and this include an English film. Language is no barrier for this Dusky Beauty as long as she could connect with the script.

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