You are at Balayya And Pawan Kalyan on Same Page!

Balayya And Pawan Kalyan on Same Page!

Balayya following Pawan Kalyan

Powerstar who not only has stardom he also has great heart which many don't have. When he visited a girl wished to see Pawan while she was suffering with brain decease every one got to know that how sensitive he is. Later the girl recovered and discharged from hospital. Now Balayya joined with Pawan and shown his great heart.

Balakrishna today visited one of the hospital to meet a little girl who is hard core fan of Balayya. The girl Sravani(12) basically from Narasarao pet going through the cancer treatment in Hyderabad. The girl wished to meet his Balayya had expressed the same with her parents. The parents of girl contact some social organization, then contacted Balayya. BalaKrishna immediately accepted that request and made a visit today. He blessed baby to recover soon and presented some gifts to the girl.

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