You are at Reason Behind Rajasekhar And Mega Brothers Fight!

Reason Behind Rajasekhar And Mega Brothers Fight!


Sometimes fate plays an interesting role in one's life and life can have some surprising and sudden twists just like in the movies.

Dabbang was a huge hit in Bollywood and Salman starred in the film which kind of immortalized the role of a corrupt cop turning a new leaf in the new millennium.

To cut a long story short, the movie was remade in Telugu with Pawan Kalyan as the leading man and the movie went on to become a super duper hit in Pawan Kalyan’s career and one of the biggest grosser that year. In fact, it catapulted Pawan to the top slot.

Now, imagine if the same film was made with Rajasekhar? Yes, we know there was a time when his films like Magaadu were cult films of sorts for that generation. But can you imagine Rajasekhar in Gabbar Singh.

Well, according to tinsel ville grapevine, Rajasekhar was the first one to secure the remake rights of Gabbar Singh at a whopping Rs 1.35 crores. But the Bollywood film-makers being pretty shrewd, showed the cheque to Pawan Kalyan and got him to buy the rights at Rs 1.75 crores. Since Rajasekhar did not think shelling such huge amounts was appropriate for a remake film, he backed off. And the result is for all to see.

Interestingly, in the past, Rajasekhar wanted to secure the rights of Tamil superhit Ramana. But they were bought by Madhu and Chiranjeevi. The film was eventually remade in Telugu as Tagore.

So, just in case you wondered why Rajasekhar spent a good number of years spitting venom at Chiranjeevi, now you know the reason. After all, if the opportunity slips before it reaches the lip, it does leave one riled.

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