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Gayathri Come Back!

Two years after she was seen in a Telugu film, Gayathri Venkitagiri is making a comeback of sorts with a bilingual film, Ouija. Incidentally, it's her fourth film in the horror genre, with which, the actress says that she has a special connection. "I am a big fan of the genre and I have a huge collection of horror films. It's an eerie coincidence that I have been acting in back-to-back horror movies in the past three years. My last Kannada film, Namo Bhoothatma too was a horror film and I am listening to couple of more scripts which fall under the same category. 

The only solace is that I am not playing the ghost in any of these films," Gayathri laughs, adding, "My mother worries a lot. She thinks that I am being haunted by evil spirits, but at the end of the day, I guess she understands that it's all part of the game." 

The coincidences don't seem to end with the films, and she has had her share of paranormal experiences. "While shooting in Langkawi (Malayasia) last month, the entire cast was put up in the same hotel. We had no clue that it was the most haunted place in the island. My friends freaked out when they heard voices of kids talking aloud in the middle of the night and chatter in the corridors. 

It's the closest thing I have come across to witnessing the presence of a ghost," she recalls. As much as she likes being part of horror films, Gayathri confesses, "Horror comedies are fun, but when you are expected to scream at the top of your voice and run, it drains you emotionally. It'll be nice if I take a break from this genre and do something else," she says.

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