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Shahrukh Couldn't Take Jaya's Comments

Baadshah counters Hero's mother

Senior actress Jaya Bachchan's comments on Shah Rukh Khan's latest film Happy New Year is 'nonsensical' has reportedly annoyed the actor. Though her Son Abhishek played an important role in the movie that didn't stopped Jaya to share her opinion on this movie.

As per reports Sharukh was quite angry on Jaya Bachchan comments. Sharukh who considers Amitabh family as close to him in relation shocked with Jaya comments. Ahishek who put kepp himself out of this controversy in all times tried to reach Sharukh in his home along with his wife. But Sharukh was not at home during the time. Sharukh went a step forward and expressed as " People in thoughts of non sencial movie when Amitab's Amar Akbar Antony released , but now the same people considering its a clasic movie". Seems Sharukh comments directly targeted Jaya Bachchan though he didn't mentioned her name.

According to Bollywood sources its revealed that both the families maintained distanced relationship due to latest rifts. But its pretty sure that Jaya straightness is the main reason for this gap between their families.

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