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Balayya Announces Retirement From Movies!!

This might be a shocking news for the Nandamuri Fans and those who loved watching the films of Nata Simha since the past four decades. But, It's a reality and everyone has to accept it!..Balakrishna announced his retirement from films post the completion of his 100th movie only to focus completely on his political career and serve the people as much as possible. Currently, He is taking part in the shoot of his 99th flick 'Dictator' under Srivaas direction. This project will be wrapped up by the end of 2015 and he will start working for the landmark film in mid-2016. Boyapati Seenu who delivered two powerful entertainers is likely to direct this prestigious project. From the 2017, Balayya will be completely involved in the development of Hindupur constituency.Sources say, Mokshagna's debut as hero is another aspect which prompted Balakrishna to retire. The scion of Nandamuri Family is expected to be launched in a grand manner within the next 2 years.

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