You are at Overseas Talk: Akhil Movie Release Date confirmed

Overseas Talk: Akhil Movie Release Date confirmed


After getting postponed from October 22nd, “Akhil” is completely out of news. There is a reason because fans went berserk from the moment the postponement is announced. Despite Nagarjuna and Nitin appealing to them about the unprecedented Computer Graphics issue, they have never listened. So, what's the new date of Akhil's debut film?

From a long time it's doing rounds that Akhil will release on 11th November on the eve of Diwali. However, there is no such talk confirming the news. We've come to know from few Overseas distributors that indeed “Akhil” is arriving for 11th. Already premiere shows are also confirmed for 10th evening and night. King Nagarjuna will be soon announcing this release date to the audiences in a special press meet. Actually Nagarjuna is said to be scared by “Damarukam” experiences where he has held press meets and announced dates twice but the film never made to theatres. At one such press meet, Nag has even broke down a little, because that's first time in his career where his word failed to stand. He doesn't want such mistakes repeated with Akhil. Once the Censoring is done and hard drives exported, maybe Nag will announce the date.

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