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Aamir Khan challenges friend Salman Khan remove his pants

After appearing in the buff on the posters of his upcoming film ‘PK‘,Aamir Khan has dared his superstar friend Salman Khan to do the same thing.

 Salman Khan had promoted Aamir’s last released film ‘Dhoom 3′ by wearing the hat, which Aamir had worn in the film, on the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

“Salman wore the Dhoom 3 hat for me in ‘Bigg Boss‘, so now I want to see if he does this. Let’s see if he can do this…he has removed his shirt, now can he remove his pants. I want to test Salman’s friendship,”Aamir Khan said.

When Aamir was asked if he would go nude if the script demands, he said, “It is difficult but over the years I have realised that nothing is impossible. We can only do our work.”

Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan had recently said mockingly that posing naked would not be considered talent.

Reacting to this ‘dig’, Aamir said, “What happens to people who dig holes for others? I stay away from such digs.”

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