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Shock!: New Posters For Shankar And Vikram's AI Are Out Of This World

Tamil blockbuster machine Shankar to impress me for several years, following the (critical) disappointment of Nanban. While Shankar's international star saw a little bit of light following the West's discovery of 2010 insane-athon Enthiran (Robot), he hasn't done anything worth noting outside of Tamil film since. It looks like that is about to change, and in a huge way.

Shankar's latest project is a film titled I or Ai, depending on who you ask. The film stars Vikram, best known to Twitch readers as either the star of the chicken-suited superhero masterpiece, Kanthaswamy, or of the delirious-looking I Am Sam rip-off, Deiva Thirumagal. What you probably don't know is that Vikram is a ham of epic proportions and his performance as the multiple-personality having, singing, dancing, murderous Se7en-styled vigilante in Shankar's 2005 film, Anniyan, is a work of manic genius.

As with his previous films, Shankar has kept many of the details of Ai under wraps, but the visuals that are beginning to appear are quite arresting. What we do know about the film is that Shankar has, once again, employed Oscar winner AR Rahman to compose the score, and if nothing else, that is sure to be a knockout as Rahman's work lifts even the dullest films above the morass of populist nonsense.

Ai has released the images here to promote their audio launch event on Monday, September 15th, which promises to be quite a shindig. Shankar has not only roped in the cast of Ai, but also the star of Enthiran, the inimitable Superstar Rajnikanth, and none other than Arnold motherfucking Schwarzeneggar (?) to appear at the event in person. I know I'll be looking for a live feed to that event.

I don't think we have a confirmed release date for the film yet, but this audio launch means that an announcement is imminent. In the meantime, marvel at the absurdity of the images herein. I'm fucking stoked.

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