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I realized the dearth of not having a sister : Allari Naresh

In the past, almost all the films had a sister character and there would a song between brother and sister. Now, the sister characters have undergone change. They are naughty and bold and even help their brothers to get the girl they love.

Allari Naresh who is awaiting the release of his film Brother of Bommali says the sister character in his film is rather modern. He says the character played by Karthika will be a highlight for the film.

In real life, Naresh has no sisters. He only has an elder brother in real life. Naresh says he realized the dearth of not having a sister while shooting the film.

Naresh says he is looking forward to a good year as he had a string of hits last year. He promises that he would take care of his stories and never ever do 3D films again.

He says he will no longer do films to increase the count. Right now, he is anxiously awaiting the release of Brother of Bommali and hopes that Diwali will give him more than one reason to celebrate.

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