You are at Mahesh,Pawan,Bunny in Forbes Top 100!

Mahesh,Pawan,Bunny in Forbes Top 100!

The 2014 Forbes India Celebrity 100 list was announced and Bollywood super star Salman Khan topped the chart. King Khan Shah RUkh khan lost his top place to Samlam and adjusted with third.Big B Amitab Bachhan was occupied second place.Other side From tollywood three actress found the place in the list and it includes names like Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjun

Mahesh found at Rank 30 and Pawan Kalyan at Rank 74 and Bunny at Rank 80. Ravi Teja, Nagarjuna and Junior NTR who were in the last year list failed to make it to the Top 100 this year.The 100 Celebrities list was finalized basing on the income, Google hits, fan base, press clips and magazine covers.

Check out the top ten celebrities in the list

1.          Salman Khan (244.5 crores)

2.         Amitabh Bachchan(196.75 crores)

3.         Shah Rukh Khan(202.4 crores)

4.         M S Dhoni(141.8 crores)

5.         Akshay Kumar(172 crores)

6.         Virat Kohli (58.43 crores)

7.         Aamir Khan (80.47 crores)

8.         Deepika Padukone(67.2 crores)

9.         Hrithik Roshan(85 crores)

10.       Sachin Tendulkar(59.54 crores)

Mahesh Babu (Ranking - 30): Earnings - Rs 51 crore; Money Rank: 14; Fame Rank: 88.

Pawan Kaylan (Ranking - 74): Earnings - Rs 16 crore; Money Rank: 38; Fame Rank: 86.

Allu Arjun (Ranking - 80): Earnings - Rs 11.5 crore; Money Rank: 54; Fame Rank: 79.

Vijay (Ranking - 41), Rajinikanth (Ranking - 45) and Dhanush (Ranking - 76) are the two other Southern Celebs in Forbes 2014 list.

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