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Fashion shoot seems to depict Delhi gangrape, outrage on social media

One of the images from a fashion shoot by photographer Raj Shetye.

A Mumbai-based photographer Raj Shetye recently posted an album of photographs one of which reminds one of December 16 Delhi gangrape. The pictures have led to outrage on social media.

Shetye told several news outlets that his shoot was not based on the December 16 gangrape.

In the photo, a woman is held captive by two men on what looks like the backseat of a bus, and the woman seems to be fending off their advances.

The photos are not available online since that link shows "page not found" error.

Model-actor Jitin Gulati, one of the men featured in 'The Wrong Turn' series, tweeted to say that photos weren't intended to glorify an "intolerable act like rape". But many were not convinced. Here are a few smaple tweets.

@catattat : Just saw the Raj Shetye photoshoot which is scarily reminiscent of the Delhi bus rape incident. Honestly, don't know what to make of it.

@TGayatrireddy: How idiot raj shetye has shot a "glam photo shoot" inspired by the nirbhaya rape case

@pahallavi: Never expected horrible act from a photographer in the name of women empowerment. Raj Shetye your existence is now shameful #DaminiShocker

@paritoshZero: Raj Shetye, photographer, came up with a bus-rape inspired shoot. How much lower before we hit hell?

@NotJDSalinger: Raj Shetye may think his 'fashion shoot' based on rape is part of artistic license, but it just sent a shiver down my spine #nirbhaya

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