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Top Heroine Faced Depression

Could you believe Deepika Padukone, the most sought after Bollywood actress, has suffered from anxiety and depression? Actually, This isn't a phase after break-up with Ranbir Kapoor but happened in the early 2014.

One day, Deepika got fainted due to exhaustion and the other day she felt different after waking up from sleep. Initially, She thought it was 'stress' and tried to either focus on work or be with people to overcome it. However, There are no signs of any improvement - Her breath is shallow and used to broke down often due to lack of concentration.

After  she broke down in the presence of her Mother Ujjala Padukone, Anna Chandy (A Psychologist) was consulted to treat Deepika's problem. She recovered a bit after taking medication and most of 'Happy New Year' shoot happened during this troubled phase. Before starting the project 'Piku', Deepika took a 2-months break to recover physically and mentally. Today, The beauty is much better and asks people suffering from depression not to get ashamed of speaking out about it or consulting a Psychologist.

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