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YVS Chowdary Will Come Back With Rey Movie

A ray of hope for YVS Chowdary

YVS Chowdary landed in neck-deep trouble by giving least importance to the basics of film production. Only after the completion of the project, He came to know how tough it is to recover the investment when invested Rs 20 crore on a debutante hero. His recent track record and poor theatrical trailer made things even worse, resulting the delay in the release of 'Rey' by several months.

The success of Sai Dharam Tej's 'Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham' has given a ray of hope for YVS Chowdary. Distributors and Exhibitors have been in talks with the director since the past few days for acquiring the theatrical rights. If these talks turn fruitful, 'Rey' is expected to hit the screens in the first half of December.
Buyers believe mass elements especially dances and action sequences in 'Rey' will fetch them profits in B & C Centres if bought for reasonable price. Any how, YVS will have sacrifice few crores to ensure that the release at least now. Else, 'Rey' willn't release in 2014 at any cost.

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