You are at Ravibabu's Hi-Tech approach for Avunu 2

Ravibabu's Hi-Tech approach for Avunu 2


Director and actor Ravibabu is always known in the industry for his creativity. His ideas inside the movies, and his shoestring budgets to make movies are a book for any aspiring filmmaker to read. Adding more feathers to his style, he has now made sure that there is question of any paper being used on his sets.

“Ravibabu has written the whole of Avunu 2 script using a screen-writing software. After locking the final script, he shared the PDF document of the script via mail. So that every actor would look at that using his tablet or mobile", says an actor, working with him for the film.

Avunu 2's paperless script idea is considered great because environmentalists are battling from a while to make humans cut less trees every year to prevent global warming. For making papers, lots of trees are to be chopped every year.

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