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Arshi Khan: Can't a man be raped or feel raped?!


Can't a man be raped or feel raped, why only women are raped, asks Arshi Khan? defending Salman Khan.

Ashi Khan who had earlier volunteered to "rape" Salman Khan to let him know how it feels like, has done an about turn. Says Arshi Khan, "My earlier comment was posted in the heat of the moment, but I thought about the matter at length and came to the conclusion that can't a man be raped or feel raped?"

'I know it is a very gender-sensitive issue, but men get raped too.. both by men and women. I have some struggling male actor friends in Mumbai and Delhi who told me that they were almost forced to sleep with middle-aged or elderly women from the film industry who controlled ad agencies or brands. It happens a lot in the ad industry. As we all know, the ad industry - the creative and account servicing departments are dominated by women, most of them middle aged. Young struggling male models and actors in their early 20s have to "sleep" with these elderly females to get selected for plum TVCs and other ads. It's a known fact, why deny it. In that sense, a man can feel raped too," explains Arshi Khan.

"Then there are middle aged men who control various businesses and departments in the film industry. Many of them are bi-sexual and expect sexual favors from young male models. Many male models have told me that they have to perform oral sex both for elder and senior males and females in the industry to get selected. Such is the compulsion that many male models leave Mumbai and go back to their hometowns. Rape must be unisex. It is a sad phenomenon experienced by both male and female victims. Rape in case of female victims gets reported by the media as the media has become very sensitive to this aspect, however male to male rape or forced sex by females in a position of dominance is almost never reported by the press and media, " said Arshi Khan, explaining her stand.

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