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Bandla Ganesh Clarification To Media

Banda Ganesh claims innocence

Ever since some top producers have decided to cut advertisements to all media houses except two top Telugu news channels, few media houses started showing the rertort. In this connection, producer Bandla Ganesh wanted to come out clean. His clarification is as follows:

Bandla Ganesh Text To Media:Good evening sir. This is Bandla Ganesh. I would like to emphasise my relationship with all the media members whom I consider as a part of my family. My all due respect to them. Behind my all success as an artist and a producer you have played a very major role and I m really very thankful to you for that. Recently there has been a small misunderstanding that I am included in the group of 16 members who are against a few news channels. I would clearly like to mention and let you know that I am not included in that group and can never be also as I consider them as my family. Please kindly try to understand me. I would never do anything against media , which gave me life and gave me a successful career. Thank you. Yours, Bandla Ganesh.

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