You are at Ravi Teja: I would like to do a film like Taken

Ravi Teja: I would like to do a film like Taken

Hyderabad: Ravi Teja, who has tasted success with back-to-back hits, is now working on Kick 2, a sequel to his earlier hit film Kick. The actor promises this film will be more entertaining than the first one.

Ravi Teja has experimented a lot with films like Sindhooram, Sambho Siva Sambo, Naa Autograph and Neninthe. These films were critically acclaimed but did not fare well commercially. However, the actor won awards for some of these films.

“I never stopped experimenting. I would like to continue, but now nobody is coming up with any exciting script. Most of the recent films are entertainers, which the audience seems to like. If anybody comes up with a script like Taken, I would love to do it,” says Ravi Teja.

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