You are at I Had Raped 94 Heroines: Senior Telugu Actor

I Had Raped 94 Heroines: Senior Telugu Actor

Senior Actor Chalapathi Rao is the guest on ABN Andhrajyothi's talk show 'Open Heart With RK' which was aired on Sunday.

To everyone's shock, Chalapathi Rao declared except NTR none of the heroes including ANR, Krishna and Sobhan Babu are artists.

Mr.Rao claimed he has done 94 rape scenes, the most by any actor, in his 5 decades film career. He says veteran heroines used to move very closely with him and would often feed him with food they bring from home.

Chalapathi Rao found fault with some of the senior Telugu actors turning into dubbing artists for the sake of money. He questions why should top-level artistes stoop to such low and spoil the changes of others to win some bread and butter.

At the age of 22, Chalapathi Rao reached Madras to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. He wishes to lead rest of his life spent time with his grand children and doing films for production houses close to him.

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