You are at RGV Controversy Continues..With Lakshmi Short Film...

RGV Controversy Continues..With Lakshmi Short Film!

We all Know Manchu Lakshmi, in her Short film 'A day of in the life of Lakshmi Manchu's feet' Directed by RGV, She has done a bad thing!

We have just noticed that she is Insulted Hindu culture, Humiliated the humans & Hindu god by opening the Notebook papers with her leg. Because NoteBook Represent to Hindu God 'Saraswathi'

All Hindu's Treat NoteBook as a God, What is the RGV intention by doing this? Is he Try to Insult the Hinduism?

Whom should we blame the RGV or Innocent Lakshmi Manchu.

Watch RGV,Manchu Lakshmi Shortfilm

Manchu Lakshmi A day of in the life Gallery 


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