You are at Brahmi dreams scoring hit as Moodadugula Bullet

Brahmi dreams scoring hit as Moodadugula Bullet


Tollywood industry is so damn dependent on Brahmanandam that regardless of the budget of the movie he becomes an indispensable element in a movie.

And makers are willing to rope him on daily remuneration basis too. There are many films in spite of poor content have become hits at the box office just because of Brahmi's comedy.

And when all of his contemporaries are fading out of the glory and into oblivion but Brahmi is enjoying best of his form at this ripe age. He is close to completing 3 decades of his service to the industry and going strong by day.

However, even Brahmi has a dream that he couldn't realize – becoming a successful solo hero, at least in one movie. Brahmanandam acted as a hero earlier but none of the movies where he was hero became success. He has Moodadugula Bullet, and Bangkok Brahmanandam. He hopes he could score a hit with at least Moodadugula Bullet whose shooting is going on silently and briskly.

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