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Box Office: Brother of Bommali Collections BetterThan Joru

Andhra and Telangana Box Office - Last Friday  released of three films and none of the films have had a clear advantage. Though it has been much publicized, Sandeep Kishan's Joru got a better opening when compared to Allari Naresh's Brother of Bommali. However, by second day, Joru went down a bit and Brother of Bommali had better collections than the opening day. And both the films are going neck to neck during the first week.

Finally, Brother of Bommali is ahead with a share of Rs 2 crores. Joru’s collections fell on the second day and it is yet to reach the Rs 2 crore mark. However, when compared to the experience and image that both heroes have, Sandeep Kishan has put in a good performance.

Though Allari Naresh has a clear advantage, Brother of Bommali has to make a lot more money before it enters the safe zone. Meanwhile, Arjun’s Jaihind 2 has attracted the audiences. The talk is that the action part has come out quite well. Though all films have got decent talk till the weekend, the real test starts now as the film that manages to draw audiences on working days will win the race.

Overseas Box-Office - Allari Naresh’s ‘Brother Of Bommali’ and Sundeep Kishen’s ‘Joru’ were released last week. Bommali opened up with mixed reviews and the film was able to collected decent figures in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions.However, this film failed to create any impact at the USA box-office and the film collected only 3.29 lakhs ($5368) till Monday.

‘Joru’ started with negative talk and the collections throughout the weekend were just ok. This film performed somewhat better than ‘Brother Of Bommali’ in USA and the film managed to collect 4.68 lakhs ($7619) till Monday.According to these collections, both ‘Brother of Bommali’ and ‘Joru’ failed to entertain USA Telugu audience. 

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