You are at Suriya reveals his six-pack!

Suriya reveals his six-pack!

Suriya's Six-Pack Secret revealed!

Suriya is one of the most handsome heroes down South and he also have best six-pack abs when compared to the heroes of his generation.

For 'Surya S/O Krishnan', Suriya has tried everything from General Motors diet, Atkins diet and Crash diet apart from rigorous workout regime to lose 10 Kg in 22 Days. He, however, doesn't recommend this method to anyone as its not the best way to attain Six-Pack.

Actually, The daily routine of Suriya is a combination of healthy food and exercise. He does jogging, swimming and yoga. Except for few spoonfuls, He almost stopped eating rice. He has given up eating meat and maida as well. For protein intake, He relies on milk and panner.

The next outing of Suriya is 'Masss' under Venkat Prabhu's direction. Nayantara and Pranitha play female leads in this movie.

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