You are at Kona Venkat's Stunning 'Apple' Satire

Kona Venkat's Stunning 'Apple' Satire

Popular writer Kona Venkat not only delivers hit films but also cracks whip on detractors through social network, albeit in style. While his revelations are just casual, sometimes people get a deep inner meaning from his lines. Here goes today's treat.

“None of our past producers gifted a bunch of 'apples' at least, even though films are a blockbuster. But 'Loukyam' movie producer has gifted us an 'apple' iPhone”, said Kona Venkat, through his micro blogging site today. In fact, we could understand his excitement as he got a new iPhone 6 from his present producer. Cine folks are however wondering who those 'past' producers Kona is referring to. Maybe we could get few names striking in our brains, as he said about 'hit' movies.

Needless to say, Kona Venkat charges nearly a crore (as per industry talk) for a flick, and an iPhone merely costs 60K. So, such 'gifts' may not hold true if his remuneration is compared, though gifts should not be measured with money. Anyway, his 'apple' satire is stunning.      

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