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Finally SS Thaman Composing Own Music

Since few days SS Thaman has been in news for all the wrong reasons.There has been extreme criticism on the young musician because of the same repetitive music.The music in Thaman albums is becoming repetitive and the sound doesn’t seem fresh most of the time.

Recently the trailer of Aagadu was unveiled and the background score of the trailer comes under flak.The resemblance in the background scores of 'Aagadu' and Malayalam film 'Avataram' puts Taman in trouble .Going by the 'Avatharam' trailer, there are a few similarities that can be seen with regards to Aagadu.Many mistook the Telugu composer has copied it.But here is the real truth behind that.

It was Thaman’s score which was used in a Malayalam film but many without realizing this fact accuse Thaman of copying.Avatharam composer Depak Dev tried to clear the air by saying that the trailer which was released online was just a dummy and that was uploaded for the promotion.

Deepak said, “My editor used the BGM of Aagadu as a dummy score for the trailer and he actually did not know that it was from the Telugu filmI’ve not even composed background (BG) score for Avataram yet. Being an enthusiast, our editor used already available tracks online including Aagadu music, to cut the trailer. I’m now aware of it,”

With the clarification from Malayalam Music Direction, Thaman breathed a sigh of relief . The music director who made his debut with Kick in 2009 has already completed 50 films as composer. That is pretty fast any which way one looks at.Things seem to be settling down now In Taman’s court.

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