You are at Trailer Talk : Nara Rohit's 'Asura'

Trailer Talk : Nara Rohit's 'Asura'

Asura Trailer Talk

Nara Rohit, no doubt is a very talented as well as genuine actor. With his acting he has won the hearts of the audiences and critics too. He has also created a special niche with his acting and has done different roles in each of his movies.Known for choosing unique and new concepts for his films, Nara Rohith is back again with 'Good is Bad' theme for his new film 'Asura'. Nara Rohit himself presenting the film and the first look teaser of the film creating ripples.

Rohit stunned all with his emotional expressions in the teaser and he uttered dialogue ''Tappu Kaadu tappu Kaadu samhaaram tappu kadu Shankam Poorinchu Nedu'' with his bastion voice.Rohit who attracted all earlier as police officer in Rowdy Fellow is again playing cop role in the film. Asura is progressing at brisk pace in Hyderabad and Shyam Devabhaktuni is directing the flick. Rohit himself is presenting the film.

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