You are at Samantha's Success Mantra in Telugu and Tamil

Samantha's Success Mantra in Telugu and Tamil

Samantha is the top girl in Tollywood and she is rather busy with films in both Telugu and Tamil. But she says being super busy comes with a price. Apparently, the petite girl ends up having sleepless nights due to her busy schedules. But she says she doesn’t mind as she is doing big films opposite top heroes. At least it is better than being lazy without much to do, says Samantha. She says she is so used to working in back-to-back schedules that if she gets a free day, she tries to find a chore to keep her busy.

 Like all her contemporaries, Samantha knows pretty well that it is best to make hay when the sun shines and does not want to leave any opportunity. Well, if she slogs now, she can relax once she relaxes – that seems to motivate her to work for days without proper sleep

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