You are at Nag is still most Desirable for Women?

Nag is still most Desirable for Women?


Who is Telugu cinema's handsome hunk? Is young rebel star Prabhas? Or Prince and Superstar Mahesh Babu or someone else ? There are several questions that are being raised about dominance in this section but stills there was hardly any conclusion. Recently, an interesting data came out of a popular girls college in Hyderabad.

This college is situated in Somajiguda area and it was known for having many beautiful girls.It is heard that the girls voted for the top 5 most desirable men in Tollywood. After many rounds of filtration and evaluations, five names have been chosen as the winners for this segment.

As per the girls the five are Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu, young rebel star Prabhas, stylish star Allu Arjun and the Adivi Sesh. The surprised fact here is King Nagarjuna also found place in most desirable list.He passed his prime but he still gives the shocks to women with his looks and makes the young men feel small in front of him.

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