You are at Something Struggling between Chaitu and Akhil

Something Struggling between Chaitu and Akhil


Akkineni hero Naga Chaitanya has today shocked everyone by releasing the theme music of young hero Nikhil's "Sankarabharanam". And this raised eyebrows as to why he ignored his younger brother Akhil's debut flick.

In the recent times, Chaitu has tweeted the trailers of Size Zero, his own Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo, Aatadukundam Raa(Sushant's movie) and now Sankarabharanam theme music. Shocking is that, he never spoke a word about "Akhil", it's release and his opinion. We wonder if there is something brewing on a bad note between the Akkineni step brothers. Because, it looks intentional that Chaitanya is avoiding Akhil.

On other side, Chaitu's associates are busy telling that the young hero hasn't liked his brother's debut film directed by Vinayak and hence not talking about it. In that case, he should have tweeted a wish during the release time at least.

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