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Will stars cut their fee?

With the budgets of Telugu films shot up and reaching the sky, there is a pestering demand from producers and distributors to stars to cut down their remunerations. Off late, several big-ticket films tumbled at Box Office incurring hefty losses to producers and distributors. To name a few, Mahesh Babu's Aagadu, Jr NTR's Rabhasa, Ravi Teja-starrer Power and Suriya's Sikindar all have costed bomb for distributors.

Distributors now "want" star heroes and directors to compensate their losses when a film fails. The Telugu Film Distributors' Association recently held a meeting in Vizag and passed a resolution asking the "beneficiaries" of film to "compensate" their losses. The resolution says that money has to be "recovered" from the "beneficiaries" of the films. Now this resolution is sent to AP Film Chamber of Commerce and Chamber is going to convene a meeting on this on Monday.

Few producers and distributors argue, "Half of the film's budget is going into the pockets of star heroes and directors. This is not a healthy atmosphere in industry." However, an actor refutes the argument and tells a different story. "Whenever a big-budget film bombs, the immediate target is its star. But why everyone is silent when a film becomes success? Why are they mum when they got profits. Business has both sides - profits and losses." asks an actor on condition of anonymity. 

Even few top producers are taking the side of actors. "Few distributors won't even share the revenues despite the movie is successful and running with packed theatres. It's actors prerogative to demand their remuneration. Whether it's viable for film or not, we (producers) has to take a call," commented a producer.

"As long as there are producers who're ready to pay in lump sums, actors and directors won't cut their fee. There'e few who take family packages for films. And after a film bombs, ultimately, distributors are paying the price for it. We're not going to leave it here and going to fight it tooth and nail. We won't buy their films if we're not compensated. Above all, they're coming up with lame stories which is root cause of the problem," said a member of Telugu Film Distributors' Association. Industry source says, "It's highly unlikely that Chamber would pass a resolution asking star heroes to cut short their remunerations. Let's wait and see."

With this Distributors, producers and actors are at logger heads in TFI. AP Film Chamber is going to be a battle filed this Monday. So, Tomorrow is very crucial day for Telugu Film Industry and its stars Mahesh, Pawan, Ram Charan, Jr NTR, Allu Arjun, etc. AP Film Chamber of Commerce has called for a meeting. The million dollar question that remains unanswered is: Will star heroes take fee cut?

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