You are at Nayantara to Romance JD Chakravarthy!

Nayantara to Romance JD Chakravarthy!


Nayantara never leaves an opportunity to surprise her fans, movie lovers. She is the one beauty who strikes perfect balance between glamourous roles and roles involving acting prowess. Be it taking up a role like Sita in Sri Rama Rajyam during peak stage of her career or openly admitting her relationships off the camera, Nayan is certainly a spunky siren. The latest we hear is that Nayantara would be seen pairing up with a senior hero. Nayantara will romance with JD Chakravarthy in an upcoming Malayalam film directed by Bhasker the Rascal, directed by Siddique.

What's irony is that both JD and Nayan have earlier worked for Dubai Seenu where Nayan was seen as JD's sister in the film. Now both Nayan and JD will be seen pairing up with each other.

"It'd not been possible if it's a Telugu film. Malayalam films have that raw element and it's story-driven industry. So experiments could work there but not here," said an industry source adding that one should appreciate Nayan's guts as any other heroine of her stage might not accept such offer.

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