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Chakri On Last Day

 Well, the sudden demise of the Music Director Chakri has left the whole industry in grief. After his death many truths came into limelight and his wife seemed to have a tough time handling issues with her in-laws who blamed that she murdered him.

Chakri's wife, Sravani in her interview revealed the actual truth and spoke about the family problems. She said " Still, I can't believe that he is no more. Sometimes, I think he gone outside on some work and will return home anytime, but telling myself that he will never return again. He spoke to my father and brother on the previous day. Later, he went out and returned home late in the evening. Then watched TV for few hours and came to bed around 2 or 3 am."

She added "When I woke-up in the early morning to take my tablet. Then, I noticed that he is not snoring as usually. I tried to wake him up, but by the time his body turns into blue. Immediately, I rushed him to nearby hospital, but the doctors told me he is no more. He is suffering with obesity. He even prepared to undergo surgery to cut down his weight. But, we dropped that idea after doctors advised it is very risky with his health condition."

Speaking about family affairs Sravani said “In fact, we don’t have any huge properties as people are used to believe. You are aware that he is used to donate huge amounts to the needy people in our village, relatives and friends. So, hardly there is any savings. So, it is absurd that we family members are in fight for his properties. I treat my mother-in-law and Chakri’s younger brother Mahith as my own mother and brother. So, there is no question of arising disputes with them over sharing of properties. How anyone can expect that we quarrel with each other for sharing properties, when hardly there is any savings in our bank account?”

Sravani said “We have no children. Now, also lost my darling husband Chakri, who is used to be around me all the time when at house. So, I lost interest in life. I have no big plans for my life. But, I will live to fulfill my husband’s dream of launching a recording studio. His ambition is to launch a Sea Studios. Don’t know, whether I can fulfill his ambition in my life time or not, it is the only goal left for me now in my life.” 

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